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Disrupt Yourself.

Disrupt Yourself.

PIMadeEasy is an online suite of
strategies, processes, tools and tactics that will change the future of your personal injury medical practice.

PIMadeEasy is an online suite of strategies, processes, tools and tactics that will change the future of your personal injury medical practice.

  • Make more money
  • Defend your rights
  • Grow your business

If this is your “business as usual” cycle…

  • Devastating fee and payment write-downs
  • Siphoned MedPay, PIP and other reimbursements
  • Frustrating collections logjams
  • Endless legal tricks, traps and taunts
… then break it. PIMadeEasy shows you how.

Join Us for February's
PI Power Hour

Don’t Get Surprised by the No Surprises Act! – A New 2022 Compliance Mandate

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Thursday February 3rd at 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EST.

Join Michael Coates and premier health care attorney Harry Nelson for a special PI Power Hour episode focusing on the brand new law which took effect this year called “the No Suprirses Act”, protecting consumers from surprise medical bills which is broader in scope than you realize and affects your business and PI. 

Here are just some of the vital topics Michael and Harry will discuss:

  • How the NSA applies to you, a small private medical practice
  • Whether the law will be changing
  • Which or your patients fall under the NSA rules
  • The new consent and “good faith estimate” requirements
  • How your current cash rates might affect NSA reviews
  • Tracking estimates and what must be done with treatment plan changes
  • New patient complaint and dispute resolution rights and processes
  • Penalties for violations of the NSA, requirements and PI nuances
  • Patient waivers of the NSA, and use in PI
  • Other areas of consideration (insurance, office manuals, contracts)

This live PI Power Hour is open to all medical providers and staff. Recordings are only available to PIME portal members.


It isn’t whether to be successful. It’s how successful you want to be.

PIMadeEasy disrupts the way you used to do business in PI — and redefines your measure of success.

PIMadeEasy is an online suite of educational resources proven to help providers
nationwide break the cycle of predatory legal practices, cut-rate resolutions and operational inefficiency.

PIMadeEasy teaches you how to disrupt the inner workings of the personal injury
medical lien business that are sapping the financial life out of your PI practice.

Think you already know everything about PI liens? Prove it.

PI Made Easy

Power Up: The Six Pillars of Success

A treatment plan for your practice.

A cash-strapped, inefficiently managed practice benefits no one, particularly its patients and staff. That’s where the Six Pillars of Success come in.

Our Six Pillars are a holistic, integrative approach for transforming and redefining the way you do business. They touch every aspect of your practice, from patient pre-intake to case post-resolution, from billing and collections to  front and back-office operations, from financial management to business development.

You won’t want to do business the same way again.

PI Made Easy

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How PIMadeEasy Works

Transforming your PI practice starts with you.

  • Adopt our tips, tools and guides. Set your benchmarks. Then exceed them.
  • Take advantage of new course offerings, webinars and interactive forums.
  • Join our national provider community for virtual networking and support programming.
  • Get quick personalized assistance when you need it: email, telephone and online.

PI Made Easy

Why We Can Help You

Defending your lien rights against PI attorneys who fight for a living isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you don’t have the strategies, the tools or the know-how to fight back. And that’s exactly the problem PIMadeEasy is solving.

The PIMadeEasy Member Portal was created by Michael Coates, a California-licensed attorney and a highly-experienced national authority in medical lien law and a pioneer and recognized innovator in the emerging field of medical lien recovery. As president and founder of Medical Lien Recovery, which he launched
nearly a decade ago, Michael has helped hundreds of providers win far higher resolutions against attorneys in thousands of patient cases. In the process, he’s earned a singular reputation as a  fearless champion of providers’ legal rights.

Through PIMadeEasy, Michael and his team are challenging medical providers across the country to disrupt the way they do business in PI and be more successful by doing it.