The strategies, tactics, tools, and coaching to take a medical practice from good to GREAT.

The strategies, tactics, tools, and coaching to take a medical practice from good to GREAT.

Accepting personal injury patients can boost your income. But being successful means making a genuine profit while reducing the stress of getting paid.

Too often, medical providers draw the short straw, attorneys draw the long one, and the attorney wins at the expense of the provider. To win the PI game, medical providers must overcome the odds. You need to know the strategies and tactics and have the tools. along with the coaching to put it all together.

PI Made Easy’s Power Practice program is your winning advantage.

PI Made Easy teaches medical providers and practice owners like you — and your key business staff — the proven processes that get you paid profitably while reducing the stress and anxiety of attorneys wanting you to accept less and less for the service you provide.

Over the years, PI Made Easy has helped providers recover millions in fees they rightly deserved in thousands of matters. More than that, we’ve taught them to do business better, faster, and easier.

Which one are you?

Forget what you thought you knew about personal injury.

Don’t let these PI “myths” sell you short.

  • Treating personal injury patients is riskier than treating other patients
  • With bill write-downs and reductions, PI pays less than other services
  • PI billing and payment are complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive

With the right processes, payment systems and growth strategies, personal injury can help turn a struggling medical practice into a thriving one.

PI Made Easy. Making business easier.


The secret to a growing medical practice.

Why settle for good when you can have great?

If done right, personal injury can take your medical practice to the financial success you’ve only dreamed about. PI can even become your most profitable segment. And it’s why a strong PI segment should matter to your business.

But the truth is that running a successful medical practice likely wasn’t something you learned in medical school. Nor was running a successful PI segment. And now it’s costing you.

Here’s why:

  • PI patients are no riskier than any other type of patient – if you adopt the right contractual and legal protections
  • PI generally gets you paid at full out-of-network retail rates rather than at the lower end of your retail range or discounted cash rates
  • PI can take less time to manage than insurance coverage – if you use the right processes and tools


There’s more:

  • In many states, minimum auto insurance rates, along with MedPay and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, are set to increase in 2025.
  • Increased MedPay and PIP coverage means faster payment for the PI medical services you provide. And greater cash flow that keeps your practice in the black.

 PI Made Easy. A smarter way to grow your business.

Become a Power Practice Member

PI Made Easy teaches you how to transform your business into a one-of-a-kind, high-performing power practice. 

As a member, you’ll learn the negotiation skills training that teaches you how to think and negotiate like an attorney – not a provider. 

Step-by-step, we’ll provide the coaching, best practices and resources that will supercharge your business.

The benefits of PI Made Easy membership:

  • Virtual intensives, implementation labs and boot camps
  • Online management, financial and compliance courses
  • Advanced practice and case management resources
  • Ask Me Anything roundtables
  • Monthly staff member training
  • PI Power Hour forums and PI Made Easy’s private Facebook group
  • On-demand learning portal and online resource library
  • National provider peer network


We’ll teach you how to do business better. And not just in PI.

PI Made Easy. Making business easier.

Who We Help

Providers and staff

PI Made Easy helps medical providers who accept personal injury patients on lien or letters of protection. 

From providers who are affiliated with medical clinics and independent practices to those who offer diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services, PI Made Easy helps improve processes, profitability, and practice growth.

Our training is vital for you and your staff to improve personal injury office management, regulatory compliance, customer service, personal injury case documentation, and attorney relations.

Professional associations and societies

PI Made Easy offers medical associations and societies continuing education and training programs that support their member recruitment and development efforts – and their members’ success.

Programs are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs. Most importantly, they’re based on more than 30 years of real-world experience including:

  • Personal injury litigation
  • Medical lien law
  • Contract development and negotiations
  • Dispute resolution and risk management
  • Business management and operational efficiency

PI Made Easy. Invest in success.


Thanks to PI Made Easy, I’ve gone from a 20%-30% payout on my bills to 80%100% on almost every one. I’ve already gotten back over $400,000 – with more coming in all the time.

Dr. Minh Tran, DC, DACNB

Medical providers who don’t know about PI Made Easy are losing thousands of dollars in fees every day. I’ve collected thousands in previously unpaid bills – and without the headaches.

Dr. James Keppler, DC

On average, we’ve recovered 70% on just the liens we’d given up on and expected to receive nothing. Thank you, Michael and PI Made Easy!

Dr. Ryan Kauffman, DC

PI Made Easy. Making Business Easier.