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The key is stopping the legal and ethical fouls committed by the players – insurers, patients, attorneys, and, most importantly, you, the medical provider. 

Learn how to spot and stop the attorney & provider fouls at our April 15th Intensive Webinar.

Power Practice Membership Program

Our Personal Injury Power Practice membership is for providers wanting to grow and better manage an established medical practice. It’s ideal for training key staff members handling office management, compliance, customer service, PI case documentation, and attorney relations.

4-Hour No Surprises Act Bootcamp

Virtually every medical provider must comply with its strict mandates. Or risk huge fines and equally large financial losses.

  • Government fines of up to $10,000
  • Patient disputes that can eliminate entire bills
  • Misuse and abuse of the law by some patients and attorneys

Ignoring the NSA could wipe out your business. That’s on top of new administrative burdens for your staff.  And government regulators questioning the medical necessity driving your treatment.

Yes, the NSA applies to you. And time’s running out to learn how.

Facebook Insiders Group

PI Made Easy has a free, collaborative Facebook group where you to can get answers to your personal injury and No Surprises Act questions.

Michael Coates and our team of subject matter experts are here to help.  

WANT TO WIN IN PERSONAL INJURY? – APRIL 15TH, 9:00 AM  PST – Click Here to Learn How