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What is PIMadeEasy?
PIMadeEasy is a membership learning resource for medical providers and staff currently treating or planning to accept personal injury patients on lien.

Who can access PIMadeEasy?
PIMadeEasy is available to medical providers, their staff, students, and employees of associations nationwide.

Is PIMadeEasy only for California providers?
No. PIMadeEasy’s content can benefit providers in any state who accept patients on lien.

What is the cost of PIMadeEasy membership?
Access to PIMadeEasy member portal is currently free. Paid members for expanded portal access coming soon.

How do I download the lien agreement and other documents?
Our lien agreements are available on our member portal. Sign up now to download.

How do I watch The PI Power Hour?
The PI Power Hour is available on our member portal for Verified Members. Sign up now to watch.

Can you help me and my staff negotiate with attorneys? Do you provide negotiation training?
Medical Lien Recovery (MLR), which operates PIMadeEasy, is a full-service outsource solution helping medical providers in California only to negotiate the highest recoveries on their medical lien cases. MLR also offers customized staff training for providers and staff. 

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