How to spot - and stop -
attorney & provider fouls

4-Hour Online Intensive
Saturday, April 15, 2023
10 am PT / 1 pm ET
Host: Michael Coates
Special Guests: Andrew Morris & Alan Nesbit
Surprise Guest: PI Law Firm insider

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- and a wrong way - to play

Personal injury, when done right, can be the most profitable segment of a medical practice.

Yet many providers are frustrated by difficult attorneys and perceived misuse and abuse. 

It’s as if the PI game as been rigged against medical providers.

The key to winning is understanding the game, and then stopping the legal and ethical fouls committed by the players – insurers, patients, attorneys, and, most importantly, you, the medical provider.

In just four hours, you’ll be able to spot what’s being done wrong, how to approach PI right, and learn ready-to-use strategies for creating a win for everyone.

What is a Personal Injury Foul?

Here are a few examples of legal and ethical fouls that happen every day.
Join us to learn how to put a stop to these and more.

Directing Medical Care

Attorneys need to stay in their lane

Hiding Information from Providers

Attorneys must share settlements and more.

Applicable Law

Attorneys misstate or mislead the law

Pro Rata

Attorneys and the Inequity of “Pro Rata”


Providers are not seeking it properly


A huge mistake that can lead to lawsuits

Diagraming Accidents

Providers should not be doing this.

Not Helping the Attorney

Help the patient by helping the attorney

Watch, listen and learn.
By doing the right thing, it's good for business

If you treat personal injury patients today or would like to tomorrow, you must understand all the personal injury players and the fouls they commit, especially the ones by attorneys and providers. Spot problems before they get out of hand. Stop the games. And create a win-win for you, your patients, and their attorneys.

what you'll learn in 4 hours

During this intensive, Michael Coates and his guests will provide key insights and advice.

  • How to identify, prevent and resolve legal and ethical violations (fouls), intentional or otherwise, committed by insurers, patients, attorneys, and you, the medical provider.
  • Strategies to not just spot, but stop these game fouls that affect compliance, profits, and growth.
  • How to leverage missteps by the patient’s attorney to your advantage.
  • How to generate more work from good PI attorneys by doing things right.
  • What you need to do is prepare for the NO Surprises Act, and how to take advantage of its silver lining.
  • How to protect yourself with a bulletproof medical lien agreement or letter of protection.
  • How to create a win-win situation for your patients, their attorneys and your practice.

Your experts

Michael L. Coates

An attorney with more than 30 years of experience, Michael is the nation’s #1 in-demand expert on the No Surprises Act. After being invited to speak at professional conferences across the country, he’s ready to go in-depth on the law that’s filled with so much risk for providers. His deep dive will include how to take advantage of the NSA’s silver lining – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build long-term growth.

Dr. Andrew Morris

Dr. Morris, owner of Acclaim Recovery Management, and Michael will discuss how the NSA is being used in PI litigation, the likely expanded threats to provider bills even in areas of MedPay and PIP, along with the heightened scrutiny on tying in diagnostics with treatment with the supporting documentation or run the risk of NSA bill reviews knocking out other parts of your treatment.

Alan Nesbit

As a litigator, Alan has developed a legal niche pursuing attorneys who have rejected reasonable lien settlement efforts. His clients have used his extensive experience to successfully respond to interpleaders and file civil actions supporting their settlement claims.

Special Guest

A PI Law Firm insider is going to participate. They will be sharing what is really going on inside the law practice’s.



In just 4 hours, you'll learn how to play the personal injury game for maximum profit and growth. you'll discover the motives driving each player, the strategies they employ, and the legal and ethical maneuvers you can use to protect your interests.

Game Fouls

Learn how to identify the fouls each player - patient, attorney, insurer and medical provider (that's you!) - may commit when pursuing their own objectives.

Confidentiality Fouls

What's the most frequent attorney response to requests for settle details? "It's confidential!" Learn the secreatee to forcing transparency, and how to leverage facts and the law to your advantage.

No Surprises Act

No Complying with this new law is one of the riskiest fouls you, as a medical provider, can commit. Learn how the law applies to you, and how complying with it can change your practice for the better.


The laws, regulations and ethical guidelines you can use to make sure your patients are being treated fairly and that you are fully compensated.

Game Foul Prevention

The best offense is a great defense. Learn how a bulletproof lien and LOP can keep patients, attorneys and insurance companies from even attempting to take advantage of you.

Guidelines for a Win-Win

A step-by-step playbook for you and your staff to follow when guarding against fouls, and winning the personal injury game.


Time to review what you've learned, and get your questions answered by an expert.


18 Attorney Fouls Medical Providers Need to Know

Discover 18 unethical and/or legally questionable ways attorneys may be ripping you off.

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