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How to run a medical practice is not a skill all providers learn during their formal education. PIMadeEasy makes up for that.

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  • Strengthen your legal defenses
If you thought your professional training was tough, try the school of hard knocks.

Learning hard lessons about running a PI practice is more than frustrating. It’s expensive.

  • Needless fee and payment write-downs
  • MedPay, PIP and other reimbursements left on the table
  • Legal tricks and traps siphoning your hard-earned revenue

There’s a smarter way.
The PIMadeEasy member portal shows you how.

Oh, the lessons
you will learn.

PIMadeEasy offers specialty providers like you everything they need to learn how to run a more successful practice. From patient care to operations to financial and risk management to business development, our holistic, integrative approach transforms every aspect of your practice. You won’t want to do business the same way again.

In our member portal, you’ll guide yourself at your own pace through our multimedia courses and video tutorials. The membership categories we’ll introduce shortly will guarantee the benefits and support you’ll receive every step of the way.

While you may be on your own as you progress through PIMadeEasy, you’ll never be alone as you move forward. You’ll get the quick personalized assistance you need when you need it: email, telephone, and online.


TRANSFORM… Your practice. Your future.

Here are the membership benefits you can enjoy now:

  • Introductory course:
    You Don’t Know… What You Don’t Know About Doing Business Better in PI
  • Best-in-class medical lien
    agreements considered the strongest in the industry at protecting your rights
  • One-of-a-kind performance measurement tools including our exclusive Patient Case and Law Firm Audit Tracker for auditing your attorney  relationships and measuring case profitability
  • Continuing education
    webinars and interactive
  • Access to a national
    peer-to-peer network
    helping medical professionals address
    their most common PI

PI POWER HOUR: The power of more

PIMadeEasy Power Hour

This is your chance to hear from some of the smartest minds in PI!

PI Power Hour teams Michael Coates with featured guests for engaging Q&A discussions about the issues that matter most to you and your practice. From licensing risks and PI law to practice development and business exit strategies, this exclusive Zoom webcast has it covered.

In the PI Power Hour archive, PIMadeEasy members have convenient access to previously broadcast sessions and accompanying speaker handouts.

Tap into the power of more.


End Denials and Reductions with Smarter Billing & Coding

Guest: Sam Collins

When: Tuesday November 23rd at 5 pm PDT.

PI Power Hours are for members only. Join today, become a free member and register for this webinar.

You are always at risk of non-payment of insurance reimbursement claims and personal injury bills. Knowing the finer points of billing and coding is key to reducing or eliminating those risks.

During our Nov. 23 PI Power Hour, Michael Coates and billing and coding expert Sam Collins will take a closer look at billings do’s and don’ts for chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists, and even delve into the pain management side as well. They’ll cover billing and coding red flags, proper patient evaluations, and diagnoses that often miss TBIs and ligament laxity. Here’s even more of what you’ll learn:

  • Formulating treatment plans that match standard guidelines and better utilize complications and comorbidities
  • Why this year’s updated EM codes involve more than just medical decision-making
  • How to better address low-impact and MIST situations
  • The benefits of outcome assessments in supporting necessity and reducing the chance of a denial

Give yourself a winning advantage in getting the reimbursements and payments you deserve. Join us for our next PI Power Hour!

This is where thriving begins.


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