Don’t Get Surprised by the No Surprises Act! – A New 2022 Compliance Mandate

Featuring Harry Nelson, nationally renowned health care attorney

When: Thursday February 3rd at 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EST

Join Michael and premier health care attorney Harry Nelson for a special PI Power Hour episode focusing on the brand new law which took effect this year called “the No Suprirses Act”, protecting consumers from surprise medical bills which is broader in scope than you realize and affects your business and PI. 

Here are just some of the vital topics Michael and Harry will discuss:

  • How the NSA applies to you, a small private medical practice
  • Whether the law will be changing
  • Which or your patients fall under the NSA rules
  • The new consent and “good faith estimate” requirements
  • How your current cash rates might affect NSA reviews
  • Tracking estimates and what must be done with treatment plan changes
  • New patient complaint and dispute resolution rights and processes
  • Penalties for violations of the NSA, requirements and PI nuances
  • Patient waivers of the NSA, and use in PI
  • Other areas of consideration (insurance, office manuals, contracts)


About Harry Nelson, Esq

Harry Nelson is the co-founder and managing partner of Los Angeles-based Nelson Hardiman, the country’s premier health care specialty law firm, and a co-founder of five health care-related start-ups. A highly-respected leader in health care law and business, he has unique expertise in health care transformation, innovation, and the cutting-edge issues affecting the future of the health care industry. His insights have driven many next-generation health care initiatives, including telehealth and digital and behavioral health. Harry is the best-selling author of “The United States of Opioids: Liberating a Nation in Pain” and “From Obamacare to Trumpcare,” a survey of health care policy leading up to the Affordable Care Act and a forecast for the U.S. health care sector.

PI Power Hours are for medical providers and staff who are interested in the subject of personal injury and accepting patients on lien.


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