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The PI Power Hour is a webinar series featuring Michael Coates and guest experts addressing some of the biggest business and financial challenges confronting medical practices. We welcome all medical providers, business owners, and staff who are interested in the subject of personal injury and accepting patients on lien.

Let's Talk About Reasonable Fees!

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Let’s Talk About Reasonable Fees!

Michael Coates with Dr. Andrew Morris

Protecting your fees against attorneys, insurance adjusters and others can be a full-time job. But it doesn’t have to be.

Dr. Andrew Morris, CEO of Acclaim Recovery Management and a court-recognized medical billing expert, joins Michael Coates to discuss the strategies and tools you need to defend your fees and bills. You may even discover you’ve been undercharging for the services you provide!

You’ll come away with a greater understanding of how to:

  • Best position and protect your bills and fees
  • Properly set and defend those fees and medical billings
  • Appropriately increase the rates you charge

While this session applies to all medical specialties and practice segments, it is particularly relevant to acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other professionals working in a multi-disciplinary practice.

About Andrew Morris, DC

Dr. Morris, who comes from a family of chiropractors, is a billing expert in the areas of insurance and personal injury. A specialist in fee determination, he testifies at deposition and trial for both plaintiffs and defendants. His company, Acclaim Management, is a billing solution provider for medical practices.

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