Imaging and Spinal Injuries: The Right Way to Support a PI Case

An insightful PI Power Hour featuring special guest Dr. Jeffrey Alan Cronk, DC, focused on the critical importance of comprehensively diagnosing and documenting the three types of spinal injuries and the role that imaging plays in that process. Dr. Cronk explained what documentation needs to include, the importance of storytelling documentation, and how professional guidelines can enhance documentation and support the patient’s case during deposition or trial. Dr. Cronk also shared his four foundations for exceptional PI practice growth.

End Denials and Reductions with Smarter Billing & Coding – Part 2

During part two of this two-session PI Power Hour, Michael Coates and nationally renowned billing and coding expert Sam Collins, director of the HJ Ross Network, take a closer look at billings do’s and don’ts for chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncturists, and delve into the pain management side as well.